About Us

Who We Are

We are a parish congregation of The Episcopal Church and a part of the Diocese of New Jersey.   Our worship and how we approach our faith have elements that would be familiar to one coming from many different backgrounds, whether one of the Protestant traditions or Roman Catholic or Orthodox. The celebration of the Holy Eucharist or Mass or the Holy Communion is the central act of our worship; but the study of scripture, preaching and congregational singing are important aspects of our worship lives. We are “episcopal” in structure with bishops (in our case, one for New Jersey) who carry with them and transmit the faith traditions of the church from its earliest days.  We recognize the Archbishop of Canterbury as a focal point of leadership for the world wide Anglican Communion, but there is no equivalent to the international central authority which characterizes other faith traditions with bishops.   We look to the Bible as the word of God, but believe that it must always speak to us in our own time and place. God has given us intelligence and our own experience to engage with and claim the gifts of scripture.   Our liturgy uses the Book of Common Prayer which is similar to those used in other parts of the Anglican Communion.  We vary our worship moving from simple liturgies to those that claim the richness of our tradition from centuries past.   For information, news and connections involving the Episcopal Church here are some useful links: