Special Occasions


The worship space of Church of the Advent is a setting of great beauty chosen by many, both from within the parish and from far away, over the last 150 years as the place for their marriage.  If you are interested in having your wedding at Advent please contact the church office as early as possible (609) 884-3065 or  

We are pleased to welcome strangers but keep in mind a few simple guidelines.  If you are from out of town we assume that you have or are seeking your own church home. You will need to prepare either at Advent or in a course of preparation closer to home.  The celebration and blessing of a marriage will follow the language of the Book of Common Prayer.  And, marriage is your celebration; but it is also a sacramental celebration by the church. Once you call we will send more detailed information and forms to complete before we schedule your marriage.    

Baptism and Confirmation

baptism photo

Baptism is a time of joy for us all.  For infants and small children we are able to offer this sacrament to families that are members of the parish or associated in some way with the parish.  We do ask that parents spend time with a priest to consider and discuss the meaning and significance of this sacrament.  If you are a part of the broader parish family  (regular visitors or perhaps the children or grandchildren of regular members) we ask that you have a regular church home in which the child will taught and raised.  Contact the church office for more information and to schedule a time for Baptism (609) 884 3065 or  

Baptisms are typically on a Sunday and celebrated as a part of the Holy Eucharist.  Consider in particular one of the traditionally appointed time for Baptism: Feast of the Baptism of Our Lord following Christmas, Easter, Pentecost or All Saints (Nov. 1 or the Sunday just after). Especially if you are an adult seeking Baptism, please contact the church office.  One of the clergy would be delighted to spend time with you as you make your journey.

Confirmation or reception is a liturgy of welcome by a bishop of the church.  Typically there is a time of preparation in the months that precede the liturgy. We then celebrate with our bishop either when there is a visit to Advent or at one of the neighboring parishes.

Funerals and Memorials

Christians may always be buried from the church. In the sure and certain hope of the resurrection the service finds it meaning as an Easter service. Feel free to call on us for help. Contact the church office or one of the clergy as soon as possible or ask your funeral director to do so. Arrangements can then be made for services. If you need help in contacting a funeral home please call.