The ministers of Church of the Advent are its people.  They are the ones who teach, sing and pray. They are the ones who engage in the community with acts of service and care. The leaders listed below work to support that service.

 Our parish Rector, Father John Mitchell, is our priest, responsible for leading the parish.  He is most visible as the leader of our worship and regular preacher. The deacon has particular responsibilities to lead and encourage pastoral care. You will see our Deacon Daniel Hall on the chancel leading prayer, reading the Gospel and leading us in a ministry of healing.  Our parish treasurer, Mr. Wade Cooper is there for all of us with information and assistance. Kathe Christensen has taken on the role of secretary in the Parish Office. We are blessed to have the music ministry of Carol Obligado who is our organist and leads the choir and the whole congregation in music. 

The wardens and vestry are elected by the congregation each year to offer leadership and vision, to support the community as a whole along with the Rector, Deacon, Treasurer and Organist and Choir Director.

We are also blessed by the services of our Priest Associate: the Rev. Dr. Richard Kirk, retired after long service but active in a broad range of ministries.

If you would like to become more involved feel free to speak to the Rector, Fr. John Mitchell. There is always room at the table.

  • Rector The Rev. Dr. John P. Mitchell Phone (609) 884-3065 or e-mail
  • Deacon The Reverend Daniel C. Hall Phone (609) 884-1080 or e-mail
  • Treasurer John Lukens
  • Organist & Choir Director Carol Obligado Phone (609) 884-3065 or e-mail
  • Parish Secretary Kathe Christensen Phone (609) 884-3065

The Vestry

  • Glenda Unzelmann, Senior Warden
  • Calvin Stafford, Junior Warden

Elwood Armstrong, Martha Francis, Carol Hoffman, Lorraine King, Michael Kirk, Alvin Stafford, David Craig, Leigh Ann Downie, Frank Garcia, Rhonda Jackson